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Casa Lum,Proudly Silver by Earthcheck

Casa Lum, Silver Certified EarthCheck Casa Lum, Certificación EarthCheck 2017

In Propperty Sustainability

● Casa Lum’s lighting was designed under the American regulations ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90. 1-2007, ENERGY STANDARD FOR BUILDINGS, based on the LEED V.3 certification.

● Ninety-five per cent of the wood used for the onsite remodeling work carries the FSC certification, a conservation effort aimed to protect our forests.

● We reused the original building beams, fastenings and firedogs to maintain the original structure of the property.

● We used 9,000 terracotta tiles taken from buildings demolished onsite in an effort to promote the culture of reuse.

● The cracks of the original adobe walls have been repaired in the traditional manner with natural materials like lime, the slimy emulsion of nopal and water.

● We reconditioned and reused 25 doors and windows from the original house.

Commitment With The Planet

Socio-Environmental Policy

In Casa Lum we have committed ourselves to the planet and particularly to our environment, to responsibly govern our actions in the use of the resources in order to minimize and mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment and promoting social and economic development.

Casa Lum is a family company that since 2011 began the restoration and renovation of an old house and in 2015 opened its doors to offer 8 rooms and 1 restaurant, hospitality services of the highest quality in the historic center of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

In our two years of operation, with the commitment and professionalism of our collaborators, the support of those who visit us and guided by international standards, Casa Lum has established itself as a leading property in the region for their performance toward the sustainability, obtaining the EarthCheck Silver Certification.

Our long-term vision commits us not only to respect the current legislation but to maintain a continuous improvement in our performance based on an Action Plan towards Sustainability and annual assessments of Benchmarking.

This short but significant process of almost 4 years has allowed us to learn great lessons that strengthen our commitment to sustainability, promoting economic development for our community, social equity and equilibrium with the environment natural.

We recognize that 2018 brings important challenges, but above all, offers significant opportunities to continue guaranteeing employment to local people in a safe and friendly environment, collaboration prospects with local businesses and the chance of continue offering sustainable tourism services.

At Casa Lum we assume our commitment to the global challenge of caring for our planet, understanding that responsibility is shared so we invite you to be part of ours or to make us part of yours on your next visit to San Cristóbal de las Casas.


In Casa Lum, social responsibility and sustainable hospitality are vital concepts to our project. Our efforts and day-to-day operation focus on the integral development of the community to which we belong, minimizing the impact on the environment and contributing to the local economy, as well as assuming a positive leadership role.

We strive to be leaders in sustainable hospitality through three pillars:

Social justice

● We offer means for professional and personal development to our collaborators.

● We support projects that encourage the local sustainable development.

● We contribute to preserve the historical legacy of the city through the rescue and restoration of this 19th-century landmark.

Encironmental awareness

● We guide the operation of the hotel towards the efficient use and consumption of water and energy.

● We minimize the potential generation of solid waste, furthermore practicing its good management and disposal.

● We focus our actions in reducing our carbon emissions.

● We promote, with guests and collaborators alike, the culture of environmental conservation and preservation.

Economic Development

● We generate fair employment opportunities that promote equality and adhere to the principals of non-discriminatory ethics.

● We promote fair trade and collaborate with community-based initiatives by helping to spread the word.

● We are a boutique hotel oriented towards sustainability, with an innovative business model within the tourism industry.

If you wish to learn more about our sustainability policy, please feel free to contact us.

Environmental Performance Report

You can download our environmental performance report from here:

Casa Lum, Environmental Performance Report